Best NBA Rookie Seasons of All-Time

When looking at the best NBA rookie seasons, there are a lot of names that come to mind that you will want to make sure that you think about. These are the Rookies that would later go on to be household names and in some cases the heroes to boys everywhere. These rookie seasons were what separated them from the rest of the players that entered the NBA lets look at a few of the names that made an impact in the NBA

Larry Bird
Its safe to say that Larry Bird was a Hall of Famer long before he even hit the court. The Celtics had one of their worst seasons before they gave Bird a contract that would be one of the largest of that time. The next year after he was signed with the team, the Celtics went 61-21. many will say this just happened to be good luck on the Celtics part while a lot of the others will say that this was the power of Larry Bird and all that he brought to the Celtics team. He was one of the top three point shooters of his rookie year.

Magic Johnson
There are not many things that can be said about Magic Johnson that has not already been said. Johnson is one of the best to ever hit the court and provided some very interesting basketball when he and Larry Bird were both on the court at the same time. He was a crucial part in helping the team to go on and win the NBA championship. This was one of the biggest feats that Johnson posted on his career in his rookie season.

David Robinson
The player that gave the Spurs new life was well worth the wait that San Antonio had to endure. After two years of waiting, he finally made his way to the NBA and led the team to having a stellar season all in his rookie season. He was one of the best rebounders that the NBA had seen and was tenth in the number of points per game. To say that he was a good investment for San Antonio was an understatement.

Michael Jordan
No talk about stellar rookie seasons would be complete without talking about Michael Jordan. Jordan was a god on the basketball court and would go on to become basketballs biggest star. The influence that Michael Jordan is still seen these days and even in his rookie season, he was making a name for himself. This is one of the reasons why when you talk about rookie seasons, his name has to be tossed in as well. When the Bulls beat the Celtics, Larry Bird said then that the city of Chicago would pack the arena every night to see Jordan play.

Shaquille O’Neal
Shaq would come to the NBA and was considered to be one of the biggest players to ever be drafted. There were a lot of people that thought that Shaq would not be a force in basketball, but he soon proved them wrong with becoming a powerhouse when it came to rebounding the basketball. After his rookie season, he was proven to be a player that deserved to be in the NBA.

These are just a few of the names that had breakout rookie seasons when in the NBA. Often times these players will be looked at as being the heart and soul of their respective team and in the case of rookies like Larry Bird, they were the element that led to a massive turnaround. These were the players that made impacts long before the days of Lebron or Carmello.

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