Cards Turn Attention to Shooters Like Huertas

Nov 20, 2004

By: Mike Hughes -


After a slew of weekend commitments for Rick Pitino and the University of Louisville, Miami Tropics AAU coach Art Alvarez updates the recruitment of 6-foot-4 shooter David Huertas.

Now that University of Louisville head coach Rick Pitino and staff have filled recruiting needs in the frontcourt (David Padgett, Amir Johnson) and at point guard (Andre McGee), the Cardinals are ready to turn their focus to finding a couple of shooters/scorers on the wing.
One guy who figures heavily in the mix after Louisville's weekend recruiting bonanza is 6-foot-4 shooting guard David Huertas of Jacksonville, Florida.

"Vince (Taylor) has called me a few times since yesterday to talk about David," Miami Tropics AAU coach Art Alvarez said on Monday. "We just got back from the Super Regionals in North Carolina where we won the tournament championship and I haven't been able to speak with him yet."

Alvarez said Huertas played well over the weekend and played a key role in helping his team to the title.

"David played really well all weekend," Alvarez explained. "We beat Kappa Magic in the finals and he scored the last 14 points of the game for us."

And while the bus is quickly filling up at Louisville, Alvarez indicated Huertas isn't currently planning to make a move with his recruitment until next fall.

"We're still planning to visit Louisville first and continue to be very interested in them," Alvarez said. "David, his mother and I are very excited about the situation at Louisville and we want to accomodate them. We respect Louisville and we're committed to visiting them first.

Huertas official visit list looks like this, in order, according to Alvarez: Louisville, Arizona, Kansas, Miami and Florida. "We're leaving out schools right now like Georgia Tech and North Carolina State that have offerred scholarships already and have added Miami in the mix for a visit."

Asked if Huertas might be ready to pull the trigger on a verbal commitment given the scholarship situation at Louisville, Alvarez responded, "David and his mother want to visit the school first before committing. By the same token, there's nothing that says David wouldn't commit during his visit to Louisville. That's certainly possible."

Alvarez also said that Padgett's recent commitment to the Cardinals could be a positive factor in Huertas recruitment.

"I love that kid," Alvarez said of Padgett. "We played against him a couple of years ago on the AAU circuit and he's real good. While David wants to find a school where he can play, he also wants to be surrounded by other talented players who want to win."


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